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Dec 31, 2012 1:00am PST
club, get the gun, shoot it and check it back in. >> that's all the more reason why he has to educate the country. he has to get out of the white house more. he should take a train and go around the country and talk to people about all of these issues so you can mobilize public sentiment. as lincoln said, without it nothing can happen. and that's the goal of the second term. >> i think the gun question, though, is almost less they question of presidential leadership and cultural leadership from people like tom and like me. we are the only two gun owners here. but if you're a moderate, if you're a quail hunter or dove hunter, you have to get into this and say, look, assault weapons are not what this is about. as president clinton said, he had never known anyone that needed an assault weapon to kill a deer. and this is a case where if people, if this is not an organic movement from the country, it's not going to work. it can't come from top down. >> i want to inject the larger political point. we have mid term elections coming up in two years. there's the trench warfare on the budget an
Dec 31, 2012 3:00am PST
long you been down here? since time immemorial. the way you talk you musta had a good education. a most liberal one. i only went to third grade. i went through the whole gambit of learning i know everything. stuck on yourself eh, what's your name? well i have a number of aliases. i have a long record under the name of mephistopheles greek uh? well there are some who claim i am more of one nation than another. but that's not true eddie i am of all nations play no favorites. you look let a con-man look 'metapopalus' call me nick. you married? millions of women have adored me. quite a guy with the ladies eh? i am a fascinating fellow. look mug playing around with dames is dynamite. but delightful dynamite eddie. [music] live fully while you my and reckon not the cost. deny yourself nothing flame and blaze like a torch and toss the fire about you. omar khayyam said it i'll make the most of what we yet may spend. before we too into the dust descend. you're talking screwy. [laughter] oh is it alright if i laugh occasionally. there ain't nothin to laugh about! i never saw nothing to laugh
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)